Doing business with institutional (B2B/B2G) customers is the fastest way to scale and grow a business!

BusinessFAB® Academy wants to show you how!

 This course includes detailed, downloadable modules for small businesses looking to start or grow their customer base with institutional, i.e business-to-business and business-to-government clients. Each module allows you to work at your own pace and is designed to expand and enhance your business strategy through real and relevant insights on doing business with institutional customers. Includes worksheets and learning opportunities that allow you to apply learned concepts to your own business.

Doing business with institutions is not just about winning a bid, it’s about building relationships. Acquiring these relationships is a science!

From understanding your unique value proposition to identifying the best institutions to do business with, BusinessFAB® Academy helps you unlock the secrets of successfully doing business with institutional customers and puts your business on the path to long term growth and sustainability!

  • Step-by-Step Support

    Through the modules of the course, you will acquire important insights and knowledge on how to go about developing a strategy to acquire institutional customers and make them REPEAT customers!

  • Proven and Effective Method

    The course covers what you need to know - from identifying the right customers, determining their needs and need gaps to developing a client acquisition strategy, marketing and branding to institutions, and much more. These tools and strategies are designed to help your business get into gear and onto a winning path.

  • Customized to your specific needs

    This course allows you to glean insights and practical tips in your own time and apply them in the best way that suits your particular business.

Every business should have a business-to-business or business-to-government strategy!

This course is jam-packed with actual insights for doing business with institutional customers including local and state governments, hospitals, higher education institutions, corporations and, yes, even the federal government! Take the first step towards making institutions YOUR customer!


From a Start-up to an Established Business Enterprise

Karima Mariama-Arthur, Esq. CEO, WordSmithRapport

"BusinessFAB® Academy offers a superlative curriculum that positions small businesses for success. The program shines in its depth, breadth and the real-world applicability of its content. I've had the unique opportunity to learn from Kathey firsthand. As a result of her mentorship and uncommon advisory insights, I became WBENC certified and received a commercial publishing contract for my first book. There's no question regarding the enormous impact she's made on my success from a start-up to an established business enterprise."

Kathey Porter - Lead Instructor

Hello! I'm Kathey. I'm an award winning supplier diversity professional, nationally recognized small business development strategist, adjunct business instructor, author, and entrepreneur. I use my experience in marketing (I started my career as a brand manager in the beauty/haircare industry), supplier diversity, small business development, procurement and consulting across a variety of industries including local/state government, higher education, K-12, corporations and the federal government, where I've helped numerous small businesses win millions of dollars in contract opportunities, to help you develop a winning strategy, too!

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